Alex Michigan

Homelessness and Poverty

This letter is about how many people in the U.S.A. live without the 5 basic needs. This letter is also a persuasive note to you, saying that our Country can be a much better place.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

21% Of children live in poverty. That is 15 million children. 42% of families have low income, that is almost half of the society that live in small homes, wondering if they will have food for dinner. That is not satisfying to me, and I am sure you feel the same way. I believe that people should not be homeless.

Children that like in poverty are likely at a higher risk of poor health. 2.5 million children are living on the side of a street, or in a box under a bridge. They will never have a successful life if they have no food or money, how can can they get education? Young children are the making to our future, if they aren’t educated, how can our nation stay successful?

Many natural disasters have left our nation in homelessness and poverty. Children across the globe have this issue, but does it compare to the trouble in the U.S.A.? There can be many solutions to this issue such as building more homeless shelters, paying more money to people who make minimum wage, donate money, food, and clothes to help support those in need. The next time you go to spend lots and lots of money for China and for the economy, spend a little on the lives in our Country. I can offer you a solution to this problem.

Procedure Steps:

Pay back all the countries we are in debt with.

Make a fraction of the money you spend monthly on the U.S.A. and split your money into ⅕.

Take the ⅕ of money, and start by building homeless shelters across our Country.

Buy food, furniture, clothing, and bathrooms to fill the shelters.

Try and get some of the young homeless people back into school, and provide them with the regular school supplies.

Support each family with $100 for spending on family needs.

According to front steps, signs of homelessness are


-Lack of shelter

-Job loss

-Lack of health care

-Mental Illness

- Substance Abuse

-Domestic Violence

If you ever see someone living like this on the side of the road, on the subway, sitting outside your home, next to liquor stores, anything, please do something to change this from occurring. Our lives are important and we need to be thought about just as much as anyone else. Our country is important to everyone, so don’t treat other with disrespect.

So, Mr/Mrs. President, how do you feel now that you have read my story? Will you make the necessary changes to the United States? Remember, people should not be living in poverty and homelessness.