Samantha Michigan

Help the Homeless!

This letter is about homelessness and how we can stop it.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Today there are many people in the world who are living a horrible life. Some people have nowhere to live. Those people are homeless. That is causing people to die. Its causing sadness in the world. I believe homelessness is a problem.

I think that homeless people should be treated like everyone else not like a ghost. The government can at least donate their time and some things to help out. People take in the homeless to help them. I think we should help them regain their hope of living in a home. So please help them.

There's a lot of evidence to this problem here's four pieces of evidence. People who are homeless live in places you donโ€™t want to live in. According to Wikipedia they live in cardebordboxes, abandoned buildings, under bridges (etc.). Wikipedia also states that in 2005 100 million (1 in 65) people all over the world were homeless and more people are homeless today. Wikipedia also states that 75-80% are males who are homeless.

There are many ways to help homeless people. According to Coalitionforthehomeless people have shelters for the homeless to live in. For example people have shelters like Carriage Town they just added an extension to their building. According to Wiki people can provide services for the homeless like donate food. I want the government to help the homeless I want them to donate their time and money to help the shelters.

I hope you read my letter.