Jordan Pennsylvania


There is too many people in America living in poverty!

Dear Future President,                                                                                                        

There are too many people in America who are living in poverty. My mom is a teacher in Philadelphia and some of her students walk into class without a jacket, or school supplies. That needs to change. Poverty is where people are living in conditions where they have little or no money, goods and support.

Did you know that there are 45.7 million people in America living in poverty? That is 14.5 percent of all Americans, And 8.8 percent of American adults are living in poverty. And 19.7 percent of kids are living in poverty. That is almost 20 percent which is about one in every five kids in poverty. Now that is too much kids living in that bad condition! Also 17.7 percent of people in America didn’t graduate high school because of poverty. And an education is one of the most important things. Imagine 14.5 percent of Americans living in conditions like that. That needs to change soon!

I think that you need to have a lot of fundraisers and donate some of your own money. I think that you should also cut rates for the poor. If all of this happens the poverty percentage will get lower and lower. Poverty is very bad and needs to stop.