Maximus Michigan

Gun Laws

This letter is about gun laws in America.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Gun laws have been around for years. The purpose of gun laws are to keep people safe.That’s not exactly happening. You see, when laws are made, they have to go through the Legislative and executive branches which process the laws to become a real law. In my opinion, Some laws that they are making are going a little overboard.

Lots of people think that making all of these laws make the world safer. I think the more laws that are made, the more deaths there will be in the United States. The reason I think that is because people get angry with the changes and decide to become very violent. This is just my opinion, but many others will argue with this statement.

According to President Obama, states with more gun laws have less deaths in it. I strongly disagree with that statement. If we go to the incident that happened in Virginia in 2007, we can see that the senior at Virginia Tech that killed 32 people and wounded 17 people killed people with a gun. Lots of people would say the gun killed those people. It’s not the gun, it was the senior. That’s how I think of guns, you might think differently, but you can’t change my opinion. I really think that my opinion states the truth of gun laws.

I suggest that the government should build up on background checks when citizens are looking into buying a gun. Maybe the government should even reduce some of the laws that are about to or are going overboard. I think some possible ways to protect gun laws are to, establish a culture of gun safety, reduce some of the useless laws, and to have more security. Thank you next President for seeing this writing. I hope to see changes soon.