Cole Michigan


This letter is about the paparazzi.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I think the paparazzi should be banned from the United States. I think that because, they never gaive space to people and if I were a celebrity i’d want “me time”. The paparazzi are freelance photographers who follow celebrities to get photographs of them.I believe that the paparazzi should be banned

According to my evidence these websites have something to say say that the paparazzi should banded but they should have to have space and laws about it. Quora thinkes it can lead to injure, harass, and intimidate. Huffington post thinks it could lead to vital rage. And think they are stalkers they need there privice and they try to get bad pichers of them.

What i think about it to is that they never give space to celebrities. Who would want to be a celebrity if you never get space I know I would not if I were a celebrity. I would just want to quit my job.

This is what I came up with for problem solutions say that maybe the goverment can make laws or maybe bannd them. Quora thinks they should have space or be banned. Huffington post thinks they should banned paparazzi. And finally thinks they should be banneded.

Next president I hope you agree with my statement about the paparazzi.If you don’t that is ok. This is my statement about it mr. or mrs. President I hope I see a change when I am older or now. It would also help our country and people would feel better about our country and even are state. And there would be more celebrities in our nashun.