Chance B. Michigan

Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are a huge problem in our community because they can add to our atmosphere.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I am a 6th grader from Michigan. I am writing this letter to you to inform you about the fossils fuel problem in our country. Thousands of fossil fuels are burned each year to provide us with heat, fuel for cars, and to power almost everything in our community. The reasons we should burn less fossil fuels is because when burning them it contributes to global warming.

There may be a very small amount of fossil fuel that doesn’t cause global warming.The main cause for global warming is carbon dioxide or CO2 which is found in fossil fuels and then is freed when burned. Wikipedia says that since fossil fuel is our world’s primary source of energy more of it is burned which means more carbon dioxide is added into our atmosphere.We need to have more windmills and solar panels put in around the country and have fossil fuels used less.

Also since fossil fuels are things such as coal and oil we will eventually run out. If fossil fuels are going to run out we need a plan to have different ways of making energy because we can’t depend on fossil fuels forever. My suggestion for help would be solar panels, windmills, or underwater ocean turbines.

I have some solutions to these problems.We need to use less greenhouse gasses, and carpool with others, bike, or walk. We also could conserve the energy by turning of electronics and using less machines. We could use less fossil fuel in the day and use our solar panels and windmills than turn up the fossil fuel usage during the night.

I hope that you take these things into account to help stop global warming.