Briele Michigan

Animal Abuse

This letter is about how there is too much animal abuse.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Domestic animals rely on food, water, and shelter. Domestic animals are pets at your home that you take care of. They are animals domesticated by animals. I believe that lots of animals are suffering from not having a home or not having a good owner and it needs to stop, so let’s stop animal abuse.

Animals don’t deserve to suffer. According to ASPCA lot’s of animals are fighting for their lives because they are not being treated fairly. There are tons of animals being hurt. For example dogs, there are people who break the laws because dog fighting is a felony in all 50 states but it continues to occur in every community and country.

Help save the animals in our world. There are dogs that spend most of their lives on heavy, short chains. According to ASPCA there are ten thousands of people in the United States who are involved in dog fighting. Which is crazy.

There are lots of racing Greyhounds that are killed from broken legs, broken necks, and because they lack winning potential. They also suffer off the track. Dogs that race spend most of their lives in minimal shelters or stacked in a warehouse style kennel for 20 or more hours a day.

There has been 900 to 2000 new cases of animal hoarding in the United States. Not everyone who owns a lot of animals is animal hoarding. According to ASPCA you are animal hoarding when you own more than you can take care of. It is also when you don’t even know how many you have. You are animal hoarding when you have vomit all over your floors, when fleas are present, and there are many more reasons.

There are a few ways to stop this from happening. If you see animal abuse report it. You can volunteer to help animals. Be kind to animals and teach your children to respect animals. Volunteer at animal shelters and adopt animals. Follow the rules. There are some rules about animal abuse that a lot of people break. According to AnimalAbuseitNeedstoStop a great solution is educating ourselves on proper pet care, we also educate others by sharing knowledge.