Alex N. Minnesota

Solar Energy

How will the next president use solar energy to meet our demanding energy requirements?

Mr. or Mrs. President

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

An estimate shows that by the year 2053 we will have no petroleum for our cars. And by the year 2060 we will have no natural gas for household appliances. Finally by 2088 we will have run out of coal for electricity. I am a concerned citizen that is worried about our energy consumption as a nation, and how it we'll handle it in the future. I believe that if we can use solar energy more efficiently we can reverse the effect of greenhouse gasses.

First of all solar energy can be a contributing factor when creating new a power grid. Solar can be used almost anywhere around the globe. We can set up solar farms in desolate places such as desert and parking lots. We can place solar panels on top of homes in on the sides of large buildings. You could even set up solar panels above parking lot to create more electricity and provide parking under an enclosed area.

However, solar has its flaws. The power generation is limited to the weather for example it will generate less electricity when it is cloudy. The location of the panels can affect energy generation greatly, for example in southern states there is more sunlight throughout the year. Also solar panels have about 20 to 25 year lifespan in which they generate electricity. Solar energy cannot be generated during the night which cuts their productivity in half. Solar cells can only convert over 20% of the sun's rays electricity which means the very inefficient.

Concluding my opinion, I would like to see how you are going to impact the United States energy requirements and how you use solar with it. Clearly coal, gas, and other fossil fuels will run out soon and if we don't do anything about it we will have another economic crisis.


Alex N.