Jack M. Minnesota

Heroin Problem in Teens

Explains why it is a problem and what can be done to help stop it.

Next President Of The United States

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Dear Future President:

Drug abuse is becoming more and more common. It is seen in all of the cities around the world and is abused daily. It cause so many unnecessary deaths because of their lack of knowledge and stupidity. Heroin has really become a problem in children today. Heroin has become a problem in teens because of its affordability and their curiosity,

First off, Kids get involved in Heroin because of its affordability. Most kids are often slowly introduced to heroin. It's not their first alternative. They generally start with painkillers but they switched to heroin because it's cheaper cost. Painkillers can be around fifty dollars but heroin is only around ten dollars per dose. In one article the author stated “These pills can be pricey -- as high as $50 for one dose -- and the relatively low price tag on heroin -- as little as $10 per dose” (ABC News). This attracts user to use a drug they never would have thought to use if it wasn't for the low price. This is just awful for our society. The fact that our kids turn to a cheaper drug even though it is way more dangerous. I believe this is partially due to lack of education on the subject.

Secondly, Kids abuse heroin because of their curiosity. They simply get curious over what heroin would be like. If oftens attracts kids on other drugs who simply wonder what an even longer and bigger high would be like. They start with Painkillers, marijuana, or other prescription drugs and stuff to see what kind of high they can get. They get addicted to this high, this care-free way of living for a couple hours and they strive for more. They want a bigger high and that's where the heroin becomes involved. Hannah Morrison discussed her addiction to heroin in a interview and how she got lead to her addiction, “It started with weed and it was fun, and I got to good weed . Went to-- oh my gosh, I went to pills, and it was still fun. You know, Percocet, Xanax, Vicodin, all that kinda stuff. And then yeah, heroin. I started smoking it at first.” As seen many people can argue why heroin is fun or should be allowed. Often times people who use to drug do not quite realize what they are doing to their bodies and believe they are okay.

In teens around the United States heroin has become a problem because of its afforsdability and the teens curiosoty. Kids often make the switch from Painkillers or less harmful drugs because of the more affordability of heroin and simply their curiosity. I believe this is because of the lack of education. Not enough about this topic is being taught in school therefore kids are not informed properly. I would like some kind of federal law that states that mandatory drug health classes are required in order to graduate high school.