Junghoo H. Texas

Why renewable energy should be a bigger part of our lives

Reason that why President should make renewable energy more involved in our lives

Dear Mr./ Madam President,

Imagine a world that is dying as its natural resources are drying up but the people refuse to accept the fact that it will make a difference. We live in that world. The top priority in your agenda Mr. or Madam President should be the act for you to focus on getting renewable energy more into our industry by funding the legislative to do so and getting rid of the fossil fuels that made our world go into this situation in the first place. The world as a community needs to reduce the amount of carbon that we are producing as the world is coming closer to the limit of CO2 it can hold. Making a new industry will provide healthier new jobs that people can go to and cause the global economy to stay as it is while we focus on getting rid of fossil fuels.

Scientists have discovered that over the period of time since the Industrial Revolution the amount of carbon dioxide in the air has increased more than any other time period in the history of Earth. It has been proven that if we keep the industry up with fossil fuels until 2050, the world will be a literal fire-ridden planet with heat storms. Now, you might not think that’s a recent issue we have to deal with soon but, while it might not matter for this generation, it will matter for the next generation. Will we be responsible for bringing the downfall of our planet because of our dependence on fossil fuels? We are like a drug addict stuck on a drug, being offered multiple times a way to quit, and believe me, we have been offered many ideas about renewable energy as early as the late 19th century. Yet we cling on to a dwindling supply, hoping that this will come without consequences. Are we going to become the age that future survivors call the downfall, or are we going to be known as the rise of a new future?

But what if the scientists are wrong? Maybe nothing will happen. And besides, if we replace all of our industry with renewable energy, job owners and workers will lose all their jobs. You might think that Mr. or Madam President, but you’re wrong. Over the last 10 years, the electric output of solar panels has increased by 40 percent each year. The solar industry is drawing roughly $150 billion in annual funding. This is half the total amount committed to renewable energy. In some places, the cost of solar is already able to compete with that of fossil fuels like carbon, coal and gas. In just the past five years, the price of solar panels has gone down by 80 percent, so the price of buying and using is cheaper yet still makes good business.

Mr. or Madam President, you see here the examples of how some people across the globe are helping renewable energy take its place in the industry and also reversing the effects of our carbon waste. Now, it’s time for you to make it a permanent part of our world. Funding, public support, international rallies, this will support the act to make renewable energy our main industry source. This era with you and the next presidents from now is one of the most important time periods in history. You must put it upon yourself to enact on this and help the world carry through to the future. I want you, Mr. or Madam President, to make this world a better place, for this is our only home, so we must defend it with all our purpose, and keep on defending it till the end.

From Junghoo H.

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