Coley W. Michigan

Switch to Renewable Energy

Benefits of Renewable energy sources

Dear President,

Last year, renewable energy accounted for a majority of new electricity generating capacity added around the world according to the UN report. A big issue that needs to be addressed is the use of coal and other fossil fuels. Other countries have already started switching we need to join and start using renewable energy. Using more renewable energy sources will create a cleaner environment for us and because of the decreasing price of renewable energy, we should start switching to more renewable energy to reduce pollution.

The price of renewable energy is dropping quickly and now would be a good time to start investing in them. Coal has always been a cheaper source of energy than renewable energy but things are starting to change. Procter and Gamble, soap manufacturing plant invested $76 million into a wood plant, which is 20% cheaper than a coal plant. As stated in Scott Bronstein’s article “What’s new in renewable energy sources”. Wood and other sources of energy are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Procter and Gamble are taking advantage of these dropping prices and saving money. Prices of renewable energy are dropping we need to look into more renewable energy sources so the U.S. can save money and put it to a better use.

Renewable energy is a clean source of energy and it is becoming more popular. Companies are seeing the benefits to using renewable energy and using it to save them money. Today, GM saves the U.S. $5 million annually from using renewable energy and that number will go up after they continue to use more renewable energy sources. According to Chris Wright in his “GM eyes 100% renewable energy by 2050” article. GM is actually saving money now because of their switch to renewable energy. GM is seeing the benefits to switching to renewable energy and are going to continue investing in it. The more companies that switch the more money the companies and the U.S. will save. Renewable energy sources are better for the environment and make our world a cleaner place.

Fossil fuels have always been a cheaper source for energy and a consistent way to produce energy. But burning fossil fuels hurt the environment by polluting the air and the environment. According to, as operations burn the fuel, they release hydrocarbons that mix with the atmosphere and produce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide or pollution, including sulphur dioxide--a source of acid rain. Acid rain can make bodies of water acidic which harms organisms in lakes, streams and wetlands by killing them. Renewable energy benefits us without hurting the environment which is why it is necessary to invest more into new energy sources.

Although fossil fuels are a cheap source of energy, the price of renewable energy is dropping. That's why we should invest more into renewable energy sources to help with our pollution issues. We need to take good care of our country and create a cleaner environment for us to live in and we need to start now. In order to do that we must stop burning fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment and invest in new renewable energy that are more beneficial to us and the environment.


Coley W.