Abby S. Minnesota

Important Classes in High School

Why certain electives should be required in high school

Future President of US

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, D.C


Dear Future President,

J’adore parler français! Je suis allée au France et j’ai parlé avec beaucoup de monde. I love speaking french! I went to France and talked with many of the local people. Classes like art and music courses need to be taught in school. I am in both Choir and French and they are my favorite classes. Many people believe that elective classes, like art and language, are not a necessity for students. However I believe that high schools should require students to take 1 year of a music course and at least 2 year of an art class because it helps you become more successful in other classes, creates a wide variety of future jobs and is good for your health.

Many people say elective classes are not important because students should be focusing on core classes like math and science. If a child never learns addition, they will never be able to survive in society today. Nichole Kirchner say that “If a child never learns addition, they will never be able to survive in society today. If your child never learns to paint, though, they will be absolutely fine.” It’s logical for people think that art courses are not important, they think students need to know science, math, and english to survive in this world, but in reality, it actually creates a wider variety of possible jobs. “if your resume says you can also speak French or Italian, it is more likely you’ll get the job. Big companies tend to have business relationships with other, international companies. In order to communicate with those international partners, companies hire workers who can fluently speak a second language,” states Maria Andreina Fernandez. Bigger companies have national communication, and to have someone that can speak a foreign language, will help this business. People who speak another language get the higher paying jobs with a higher up company. They are financially secure all because they took a simple class in high school.

Learning another language or taking an art class improves performance in other classes. It improves hand-eye coordination, problem solving, critical thinking, communication and fine motor skills. “No matter what career you choose, those who can arrange, present and display material in a way that is aesthetically pleasing have an advantage.” Says Amira Robinson regarding the impacts of taking art classes. Why wouldn't anyone want a job that pays well and you love. Courses revolving around art creates skilled to be used in other classes and also in further classes. Learning another language improves reading ability. From personal experience, learning french has made it easier for me to recognize english words I don’t understand and gives me a different perspective of everything going on. I have a good friend that lives in France that I met through school. She has come and stayed with me in Minnesota two summers in a row. Next summer, me and my family plan on staying with her next summer. She has helped me with my french class and I have helped her with english. I have seen her perspective of the world, and she has seen mine.

Taking electives, specifically art classes, improves mental health. It helps express emotions in different ways and calms people down. “There is something magical about smearing pencil and paint across a piece of paper and sculpting form with your hands.” Says Amiria Robinson. I really do think that creating art is magical. You have these different colors and when you add them together they create a masterpiece. It had been proven that painting or drawing calms down people who are stressed. I have anxiety and can get panic attacks due to stress. I have a coloring book at home and a coloring app on my ipad so wherever Iam, I will be able to color and focus on that, instead of the stress.

Taking art and language classes are important in high school because it helps you become more successful in other classes, creates a wide variety of jobs and is good for your mental health. High schools students should be required to take 2 years of an art class and at least 1 year of a language. I believe that we need to have this a requirement for all high schools in the US because there are so many benefits to having students learn a language and take art classes.


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