Jesse B. Montana

Clean Renewable Energy

My letter asks the president to lead to the way in shifting our countries reliance on fossil fuels to using clean renewable energy, despite economic consequences.

Dear future President of the United States of America,

Congratulations on your victory in the presidential race, I wish you great success in your upcoming term. In a time where the future of America and all other countries depends on the actions and efforts of all citizens to work together for a better future, strong honorable goals are essential. These goals are numerous and none are easy to obtain, but we as a united nation must start at the most weighing issues and work our way down. To me, the most important issue is waning our energy reliance on fossil fuels and working our way to using solely clean renewable energy. Allow me to show my reasons behind believing this to be our most important goal to improve the lives of americans, as well as the lives of all humans.

In 2014, the net profit for extracting, transporting, trading, refining, and distributing fossil fuel products was an astounding 257 billion dollars. The amount of money made in America by fossil fuels surpassed the total gross domestic product of 154 countries. The fossil fuel industry employed 1.7 million americans and is projected to employ a total of 3 million by the year 2020 according to Oil Change International. These stats show the spark fossil fuels give America’s economy, how much stimulus they give us. Despite this, fossil fuels will not sustain the human race, because there will be no human race with the continued use of fossil fuels. There is a clear connection between the byproducts of fossil fuels and the warming of our atmosphere which has clear repercussions to our environment. In order to secure a better future for all Americans, we must move away from fossil fuels and begin our focus on only using clean renewable sources of energy. This does not mean that we must cut all fossil fuel jobs and destroy our economy, but we must be conscious of shifting our mindset. We as Americans must innovate with such vigor comparable to the innovation in wartime. If we put as much effort into the technologies of renewable energy as we have put into the killing efficiency of weapons, America could lead the world’s effort into a better climate health.

Clean renewable energy sources are expensive and take time to improve. Despite these details, the ceiling on them is nonexistent. There is no limit on where we could take clean renewable energy with the combination of American hard work and ingenuity. All it will take is patience and sacrifice, which are not easy tasks, but as Americans we have proven ourselves to be able to take the path less chosen. In our future, I do not see a nation that is passive and allows for the destruction of our environment for the power money brings. I do see a nation that is active in finding the power in coming together as a community to get through the hard times in pursuit of a better future. Clean renewable energy is the best option for America, because the sun will never stop shining on our great country, the wind will never stop whispering through our great mountains and gentle plains, and our citizens will never stop striving for a better future.

Billings Public Library

TE - Billings, MT

TE - Billings, MT

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