Sofia C. Florida


I feel that abortion is very wrong and that there is always another choice.

Mr/Mrs. President, 

It would bring me and many other pro-lifers great joy to know that you will have the same beliefs as we do about abortion. Although I do believe that people should be able to have their choice for certain things, abortion is not one of them. I have done plenty of research on abortion, and nothing has changed my mind. There is no doubt that abortion is murder. Fetus or baby, it is murder. When in the womb, the embryonic period begins after just 5 weeks. This means that the baby's brain, spinal cord, heart and other organs begin to form. How much more proof will the world need to know that a baby inside a mother's womb is alive? Recently, I have discovered something that is called partial birth abortion. This is when the baby is delivered after the full 36 weeks. The abortionist enters the vagina with a pair of forceps and grabs onto the baby's legs pulling it out until just the head is left inside. He/she then jams scissors into the baby's skull enlarging the hole, and a suction catheter is inserted. The child's brains are sucked out and the baby is "evacuated". Although this form of abortion is not as popular as a traditional abortion, it still amazes me how anyone would want to perform or receive this procedure.  It is seriously sickening. I have talked to many women with children who were almost aborted, and they are forever grateful that they did not follow through with the decision because they believe that child is their greatest blessing. When it comes to the questions such as: well, what if this child was a product of rape? or, What if i will not be able to financially support this child? all I can say is adoption. There is always going to be an alternative, whether it is adoption, or receiving help from family members. My belief, as you can see, is very strong and I will not allow it to go unnoticed. 

Thank you, 

Sofi C. 

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