Caleb J. Ohio

Adopt Not Abort?

Why would you abort a baby? Maybe its because you were not prepared for a child, or maybe its that you were forcefully made pregnant? That is no reason to abort there are other options, and in this letter you can find out which side you are on for or against abortion?

Dear Next President;

Abortion is a horrible thing it is when a woman and they make the grave dition to abort the babies birth. People normally look towards an abortion when they have been irresponsible or have been raped, abused and got pregnant. Many people are against abortion and i am one of them. The baby does not deserve to die because the parents made bad choices.

Many will say abortion is just as bad as murder and it is it is killing an innocent baby.

The reason this is important to me is because i believe that all life is special and a baby does not need to die just because the parents made bad choices. After the legalization of abortion in 1973 over 56 million unborn babies are killed that is 155 babies per hour, and about 1 every 24 seconds. That is so crazy and sad to think about all those innocent babies are getting killed. Sometimes the parents will abort when the baby has a birth defect or the mother health may be at risk. That is no reason to kill a baby.

There are many ways to perform an abortion many people decide to do a medical abortion or at a ill that terminates the baby and the medically removed it. methotrexate or mifepristone are town of the drugs that abort the baby. You can also have a surgical abortion where the vacuum the baby out or dilation, the pills will take longer but will not be as bad as a surgical abortion. If you are looking to abort you have to do it within 49 days of being pregnant but that is only medical abortion. The time may vary depending on which type of abortion you a choosing.

I hate the thought of killing a baby it i sad that parents have to go these extreme lengths just to get rid of there own child. The next president should make abortion not legal because it is super sad and they do not deserve to die. They need to find an alternative to taking care of the babies and not just killing them.

Sincerely, Caleb                                              

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