Adam G. Florida

The importance of education

Education is the most important thing in our society, and it needs to be made a focus.

  Dear future president,

I believe that a quality education should be a right for all children, regardless of state, city, district, or teacher. I believe that the United States should be made of intellectual citizens and voters, and only an educated country can become a fair and equal country. The fact that a student in one state can receive a better education then one in another extremely aggravating and unfair. I would like America to have an equally opportuned and educated youth, so I would like the next president to address the quality of education and teachers.

I would like the next president to re-evaluate the amount of standardize testing done in this country. Rather than have the students be taught to pass tests, they should be taught to learn. Personally, I feel it takes away from learning. Instead of breeding educational curiosity, students are pressured about tests all year, instead of focusing on what they need to learn. Testing also requires a lot of class time. Valuable class time is wasted by forcing students to take tests that are virtually unnecessary. I understand that testing is used to evaluate one school to another, but I think the need for schools to do well takes away the actual learning of a student.

I would also like the next president to look at teachers' pay. I feel that it would inspire higher quality teachers to work for the public-school system for better pay. These are the people educating the future citizens, voters, and leaders of this country. People who want to teach, but can’t afford to live on a teacher’s salary are steered away from teaching. If the salary is increased, higher qualified teachers would jump at the chance to help the future. As I mentioned earlier I believe an educated country is the only country that can become a desired or equal and fair country. Thank you for taking the time to consider this important issue.


Adam Gelman