Karla S. Florida


Everyone deserves a chance.

The Honorable President

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Next President,

Immigration is a big problem in the U.S today. Many people in this world want to leave their homes depending on their situation. Yes, many of them are here illegally but this doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated as humans.Many immigrants come to the U.S seeking for opportunities that they don't have at home. With many of these people leaving their homes and sacrificing everything just to help maintain a good, stable lifestyle for their family our next president shouldn't take that opportunity away from them.

For the past couple of years immigration rates have gone up around 47 percent. Immigrants are known for their stereotypical of stealing peoples jobs and not working at all. In the contrary they're hard-working people, who pay taxes, and always try to show the best version of themselves but they cant with having an illegal status. They work hard for the families who they have left behind. Many families willing to cross borders to escape the dangerous and violent environment back home so they can have a better future. 

To prevent this major problems, there should be a law to protect certain rights of an immigrant. Everyone deserves a chance to new opportunities in their lives. We know right from wrong, and we know this is wrong. I hope you do well in your service for this country we call home. I know you will make a wise choices that will benefit this country.


Karla Schaefer