Erin F. Georgia


Abortion should be legal.

Dear Future President,

Recently, people have been shoving woman into small boxes of rules and restrictions. Women’s rights have been decreased more and more as the years go on, and the US is slowly joining in on that trend. I believe that women should be able to choose whether or not they want to abort their child, so they can make the healthy choice for their lives.

Women from all over the world have talked on this subject, each with a different opinion. This is why it’s important to have the option of choice, for no one woman is the same as another. Some woman, like Elizabeth (37) claim that the abortion that they had changed their lives for the better. Elizabeth was a young party girl when she was in high school. Because of this, she eventually became pregnant at the age of 16. She made the decision to have an abortion, and then changed her life around. Because of this, she went on to marry her lover and have two other children, who she loves with all of her heart. However, not everyone agrees with her. Kate, 49, claims that other than getting her away from an unhealthy relationship, her abortion barely impacted her life. “Becoming pregnant and having an abortion saved me from an abusive relationship but, apart from that, I don’t feel it had any impact on my life.” She told Rebecca Schiller, reporter to The Pool. She says she felt comfortable and cared for, and felt like none of the nurses or doctors judged her, like she (and many others) had feared.

Although many women have positive experiences with their abortions, some don't. This is why it's important to give woman a choice. Rosemarie Gresset, currently 65 with children, blames her divorce on her abortion. “I immediately went into a serious depression and felt regret, guilt and shame for many years.” She tells Perspective. She then continues to say how her pressure on her children made her neglect her husband and proceeded to give her daughter anxiety issues. Many people doubt what she says however, and it just reminds everyone that no one person is the same as the last. Just because you are against abortion doesn't mean you aren't a person, and vice versa.

If the government set a ban on abortion, they would leave many people penniless and unable to provide for their children. Although, many who would support the law would claim that, “You weren't careful with your partner, you deserve that baby!” even though, in 2010, around 85,593 rapes were reported, and most rapes aren’t even reported. On the other hand, if we force abortion as a law for people under a certain age, that would be as much of a problem as banning it. There is a simple solution to this problem that keeps people from arguing and fighting. Of course, there will be the people who take everything to the extreme who will never be happy, but this solution provides the majority of people to agree.

Simply give people a choice. “Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” are written in the constitution clearly. Taking away the people’s choice would take away these three basic rights. To put it simply, no woman is the same, and if you give them a choice whether they want an abortion or not, it'll give everyone what they need specifically. We will need restrictions, like a restriction of how long the pregnancy had lasted before you can't have an abortion, but those laws are already in place. I believe this plan will help much more than other ideas, even if the extreme protesters will still disagree.

I hope that you'll consider what I've written.