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College Athletes Deserve Pay

College Athletes are focusing more on sports rather than their education. College Athletes spend 40 hours or more per week on their sport; with this being said college athletes deserve to be paid.

Dear future President,

The NCAA college sports programs make so much money off advertising their players for free each year. This is not fair. College athletes should be paid since they’re the ones drawing all the attention and money towards the programs. “Even though the college gives scholarships, they should still get paid because college athletes spend 40 hours per week on their sport, which is equal to a full-time job.” Paying them would also take stress off their coaches who might worry how their athletes are getting money. The athletes have no time for a job with all the time they’re putting into their sport plus schoolwork.

College Athletes are focusing more on sports rather than their education. College Athletes spend 40 hours or more per week on their sport; with this being said college athletes deserve to be paid. The payment should be helped out by the government. If the process is athletes spending more time on their sport rather than their education, something is going to have to change. In most cases high level division 1 athletes goals are to play professional, but risking their education is absolutely unacceptable because then they have no plan B.

Sure you could argue that colleges provide housing, free education, and sometimes food expenses. Although they take care of all of these things, it is basically like the players work a full-time job for them so they deserve that. Plus the athletes presence on their campus attracts fans, and with fans comes millions of dollars for the college. Colleges most definitely make more than what they use for getting their athletes to attend their school with housing also. Colleges make so much money it's ridiculous with the ticket sales of each game plus food and other items they sell with the face of their athletes on them. For example Pennsylvania University charges $185 for regular tickets . They charge $235-$420 for their best seats; there are 107,282 seats in Pennsylvania University football stadium. This means they make around 7.6 million per game plus other money they made off selling their gear, food , and other items; now this is just an educated guess, but you can see my point.

Now something has to change; colleges are using these athletes, basically bringing down their bodies and destroying their education. So either college athletes should start getting paid or spend less hours on their sport, it should be optional to the college athlete. Paying the athletes will work better if you want to be a good program because you can still practice the same amount of hours and paying the players would only be more competitive to earn money. Plus paying the players will take off of everyone in the program because you have to worry about your players and where they are getting their money from. College athletes leave their hometown to go be used as an advertisement for college programs for four years, and basically work a full-time job for free.

The little money that college athletes receive from their school every month isn’t much for them try to live off of. It can last almost two weeks if you are really good at saving money so then you have to go the last two and a half weeks without a dime to your name and every athlete does not receive a meal plan, so then they cannot remain healthy which is damaging their bodies and can be hurting them. This information is coming from a primary source. MY brother plays at division 1 school and believes that they don't receive enough. Colleges athletes can not go two and a half weeks living off of snacks. This information is really important and needs to be enforced because it is so unfair to be publicly used by the college you attend. It is truly wrong to do because of how much money these athletes are bringing into these programs without receiving nothing, not a penny.



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