Daniel P. New York


Is any type of immigration really a problem in the United States of America?

Dear next President,

Is any type of immigration really a problem in the United States of America?

No it's not because on the contrary illegal immigrants are a benefit to our country.

Illegal immigrants do pay their taxes and do the jobs many do not want to do. A major reason Immigrants want to come to this country is to make money so they can send it to their families in their countries. Some of the jobs they do are field work, factory, and any other job that will pay them money. Illegal Immigrants don't get any benefits from Medicare or any other type of health care because they aren't citizens; that's wrong because they should be covered because they do jobs people would never think of doing. They do not even qualify or get welfare.

They should be able to qualify for welfare. This is a big problem we are having. Some people are always blaming immigrants that they are abusing the welfare system when in fact immigrants cannot even receive welfare right away.

As an immigrant myself,I faced many hardships throughout my life. Not knowing how to speak English was one. I couldn't communicate with the other kids, and I got bullied for not having good things like the other kids. My dad also faced many hardships in his life; he worked many jobs. The pay was very little, and it was hard for us to maintain a good life style. When people say that immigrants bring crime and drugs over the border, no not all do this; it's not right to stereotype just because a few bad people do these bad things. It doesn't mean that every immigrant brings drugs across their borders. With the crime acts it's proven that more white and black do the most crime in the U.S. so that's faulty what people say that immigrants do the most crimes.

One thing you can do if you don’t trust immigrants is you can have a background check to see if they have committed a crime in their country. Then you can make the final choice to accept or to not let them in the country. I want to live in a country where all immigrants are granted rights just like citizens because they do things that any other citizens would do. I propose the making of new laws for immigrants so they can make a better contribution to the country and have a better life then when they were illegal.


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