Brenden F. Wisconsin

College Athletes Being Paid

College athletes shouldn't be paid for playing sports.

Dear Future President,

There are talks going around about how college athletes should be paid based if they got hurt or with how well they perform. I think that college athletes should not be paid because this is a choice of college athletes to play sports, it isn’t their job. Also, it should be the schools’ responsibility to pay for the athletes injuries. According to the NCAA’s bylaws 3.2 and 4.8, it requires that student athletes have insurance for medical expenses. It also says that whatever the insurance doesn’t cover, the parents have to pay for. I don’t think that’s right. Players shouldn’t be paid because they have the choice to play sports. Also, some people might just play then to make money. Some players playing the sport already take advantage of the poor supervision of the athletes by taking money and other gifts from fans in return for something like pictures or autographs. With players already taking advantage of the poor supervision already, then what’s the point in paying the players when they’re already making money. Also, parents pay so much already for college, why should they have to pay more on injuries. The school should be responsible for paying for the players when they get hurt. As you can see, players should not be paid because they already make bank, and they have the choice to play or not play.