Matia G. New York

Financial aid

I wrote this to our next president regarding the issue of financial aid

Dear Next President,

As the new president I understand that you have a lot to handle, I do too as a high school student looking for colleges to attend to. We can kinda relate in some ways like, wanting to do what best for us but have the stress of everyone else on our shoulders. In this case, I want to receive the best education for my life career, but don't want my parents to stress about paying. I keep up on the idea of Financial aid and how it can help, but somethings I don’t agree on. Mr./ Madam President , there are many problems with financial aid and they need to be fix in order to protect America's future. Yes, it affects that much. I want to know, and so does thousands of others, if financial aid can really help? Or is it better to decrease the amount of college, leaving more qualified students to enter? It’s time to figure out this problem to secure America's future.

My parents never graduated college. My mom dropped out and my dad went right into the military before age 18. My family can’t pay for me to go off into college leaving me having to settle for a school I don’t like, not only is the campus too small but they don't have the right courses I need to take in order to do my career. I don’t want to force my family into taking out a loan they can’t afford. I am not the only one struggling with this issue about putting stress on family. The last thing we need to do is leave them with debt and even more financial issues.. We should be targeting our resources toward finding solutions for the students who need it most (Douglas-Gabriel) . If the student doesn’t lead up to the government's expectations, they won't help. How can we change that ?

Financial aid may help many middle class into college, but depending on the school leaves a high paying tuition to be paid. According to an article called Why is college tuition rising it cites that “ financial aid lower the cost, but risen the cost to public and private colleges. The cost of tuition is going to increase”. Basically this article is saying that financial aid will help a few attend, but not fully cover the cost of tuition, books, living, and other basic college necessities. The federal government has failed many in the past, I would hate to see that happen again to anybody who had a chance at living their dreams. I would ask the government for help, but that is the same way as taking out a loan that my family can't afford. To even add on the financial problems, the funds the government takes out comes from the tax system. More and more money coming out of people's paychecks that can’t afford on what they're already living on. I was wondering Mr./Madam president if it would be easier to decrease the price of college, instead of raising the price and taking more money from the taxpayers paychecks.

This cost is going to increase unless we do something about it. The nation's budget plan will cut many programs, leaving college prices to already go up. “ schools need to appear better to be better”( Weston ). In other words, a school with better ratings will get more students and money. The funds they already receive go towards better staff, faculties, and sport teams. What I don't understand is that even a high rating school will appear better, a lower rating will give the same amount of education someone needs to graduate So, next president what are you going to do about this situation? America needs to change on how the financial aid system works to give all the right to an education, grads and undergrads. The reason why getting a great start on a great career is because America needs to build a strong workforce, “ the economy needs college-educated workers to build the right foundation.The U.S economy and security is losing to other countries” ( Bergeron) . We as a nation need to take charge of this before it gets worse and protect the work industry with better minds. To end this letter I ask you new president to consider but take charge to fix of the fails of financial aid.