Tyler L. Oregon

Should NCAA athletes be paid?

An argument on whether or not NCAA athletes should be paid.

Dear next President:

Does the NCAA trouble you in any way? It does trouble people's opinions, whether or not the athletes should be paid. I personally have an mostly unbiased opinion on this; I see both sides of the story. One side of the story comes from athletes, mainly football players, wanting pay for the work they put in. The other side of the story comes from everyone else saying they get their school paid for and that's what matters. I believe that if you can influence this issue. It will help many students pursue their careers one day.

I’ve asked some NCAA athletes that I personally know what they think. Michael, walk on OSU wrestler, says,” No. All the money would just go to the football players.” He also described to me how the athletes get a lot of free clothes and what not. Michael Doctor, who played for OSU as a linebacker, now a West Albany football coach, says, “Yes. I was basically working a full time job, including school, studies, and football, all with no pay.”

Michael the wrestler's point of view is the fact that their school is paid for. They get free clothes and food. He also believes they are there to get an education and not go to school as a job. He does have a great point but at the same time, if they could get paid I'm sure it wouldn't be a whole lot; it would be enough to get by. Imagine working a full time job and coming home at night and sleeping on the fact you aren't making any money. In that case I feel like they should get some money for the amount of time and commitment they put into school and the sport they play. These students are citizens with no income, but if they could somehow get a fair wage to help their education, you as the President would be the one to help.

One outlook on this situation I've seen with athletes not getting paid, could be that it would be a better goal for them to work for if they know that one day they can make money playing a sport they love professionally. If I could get paid by the high school for some reason I would be very nonchalant about getting a job or figuring out what I want to do after high school. I would be very laid back and probably not try very hard at all for any class because what's the point if I've already met my goal in making money at a young age.

A solution could be to not pay them. It could be to let them live rent free in specifically made homes for students every year. They already get free food and clothes. Just add to that train and give them a roof to live under for the time being at school. Make it a part of the scholarship that most of these kids have. it will give high schoolers around the United States a much more appealing goal to work towards in their studies.