Brittany S. Louisiana

Constitution and Second Amendment

Defend the Second Amendment of our Constitution.

Dear future president,    

    The Second Amendment states that people have the right to keep and bear arms without being infringed. Gun control laws infringe upon the right to self-defense and also deny people a sense of safety. The law enforcement can not protect every one all of the time, therefore if someone had their house broke into they should have the right to protect their family and themselves. If gun laws became more strict it would be harder for people to protect their family or themselves.

   The gun control laws that try to ban ¨assault rifles" infringe upon the right to own guns for hunting and sport. Many Americans today, live off the land and depend on hunting and sports to make a living or to get food for their family. Most of everyone that owns a gun uses it for hunting game, and some even use guns for target or sport shooting events.

    Our Constitutional right is ours, we shall not have to have it taken away because of other people doing wrong with guns. I believe that if any law changes on guns it should not take away our guns, but it should require a background check and all of that. Most of the shootings that occur are either from gangs or mentally ill people. Why not just take the guns away from the people who do wrong with them? Its not fair to us, the people who use them to provide food for their families. Also, its safe for us to have them to protect ourselves, or our families. 

    In my opinion the future president and congress need to rethink this with a clear mind, think about others who use them for good, and just think deeply about it. To some of us guns are an important part of our life, if the laws change or guns get taken from us it will hurt a lot of people who depend on hunting to get food for their families. 


Brittany Stanley