George H. Louisiana

Black Lives Matter

Letter to President Trump

14 November 2016

Dear President Trump,

The racial divide in America is no small matter. With increased violence in the inner cities, a great cry has been sounded for a leader that will heal these deep wounds. This is partly because of a lack of good leadership the past eight years. In order to restore peace, America needs a leader that can stop police brutality, end the violence caused by the BLM, and mend the gap the President Obama has made.

Police brutality has become an increasingly large problem in America. The next president must enforce laws making cops wear body cameras at all times. The Black Lives Matter movement claims that police brutality is aimed at African-Americans. Although, statistics show that more whites and Hispanics are killed by police each year. A slight demilitarization of the police might be what it takes to put an end to the excess violence. The problem is widespread racism. The BLM group likes to say that blacks are specifically targeted by white police officers. It does not help to have the CNN and the president backing this idea up.

The BLM movement has many good ideologies, but the way they are introduced is inauspicious. Their peaceful protests turn into mosh pits in the streets. On July 7 of this year, a peaceful protest in Dallas took a turn for the worst when Micah Johnson opened fire on the police. In the aftermath, seven officers were wounded and five were killed. President Obama gave a speech soon after that defended the movement that took part in such atrocities. This does not mean that the entire movement is evil, in fact, their ideas could really help ease the racial tension. However, movements like these must be put down to prevent large-scale violence.

President Obama can be blamed for the deepening racial divide because of his support of the BLM. Obama was supposed to heal the racial divide as the first black president. The liberal media spreads the false image of a racist police force. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have both charged our police force with “systemic bias”. Individuals like Johnson cause a national distrust in the people whose job it is to protect society. Obama’s decision to stand behind a radical movement does not set a good example for America’s youth. When five o'clock news rolls around every day, it is cluttered with stories of looting, vandalism, and violence in the streets. Children growing up in inner cities like Chicago, New Orleans, and Detroit are more inclined to partake in brutality because of what they are shown on television.

In order for the racial divide to be healed, the country needs a president who will not stand behind radicalized groups that wish to bring about more violence. The futures of our youth and this country depend on your ability to bring actual change and unity. Hopefully, the search for a leader that will bring us to a post-racial America is nearing an end. 


George H.


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