Brennen R. Alabama

Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is not a right


Dear Future President,

A main issue I would like for you to address, as a president is gay marriage. This is a very common thing now and it saddens me. This country just legalized gay marriage and I think if we are worrying about legalizing this we have got our priorities mixed up as a country. It just makes us look bad because it shows our country doesn’t have morals and we have turned away from our Christian roots this country was founded on. I have come up with some good points for this topic.

The First point I want to make is that gay marriage is not marriage. Marriage has always been a covenant between a man and a woman. In the first book of the Bible you read of Adam and Eve and if God would’ve wanted two men together or two women together he would’ve put them together. And by nature it should be a man and a woman because of procreation and education of children and the unity and well being of spouses.

Another point to make is that it turns a moral wrong into a civil right. People want to argue that this matter is like the civil rights movement during the 60s. This is not true because sexual behavior and race are different realities. This is more of a civil wrong than anything. Anyways During the 60s homosexuality wasn’t an accepted thing like it is now. I’ve talked with my grandmother and she says you used to never hear of anybody being gay. Even my parents who graduated in the 1980s said that and it was rare to hear about it.

One point that the homosexual community wants to make is that it has no affect on the heterosexual community. This is false. Its false because this can affect children’s lives because if your trying to raise good Christian children this sets a confusing example to them because society will say it is right but it is defiantly not. They also include homosexual parts in movies and television shows. This portrays that its right and that it needs to be accepted. It saddens me because you cant watch a movie or show without their being a homosexual part in it. If we got parts like that off it would be great because I’m tired of them pushing it in our faces and wanting us to accept it.

As a country we are so liberal and want to welcome every idea. And if you’re against it you’re a racist or being “judgmental”. We need to go back being the country that you hear your grandparents talk about. A country that stands up for what the bible says and what is morally right. A country that you can raise your kids up right in. We need to be the type of people that are proud to work and make an honest dollar for your family. Honest hard worker, brave, standing up for what is yours and what is right is what to makes a real American and we have got so far from this and I pray to God that as next president you will be a real American and stand up for what is right.