Shreya, 7th grade student Illinois

Recognizing Gay Marriage

It is not fair that more than 45,00 churches refuse to marry gays. Gay and lesbian marriage should be recognized as a valid marriage. Churches should not be allowed to "reject" same sex marriage.

Dear Next President,

Gay marriage should be allowed in all 50 states and be recognized universally by churches as a valid marriage. Since some church teachings believe that gays are “sinners,” society is not giving them the same opportunities as other people might have. It truly isn’t fair that more than 45,000 churches in America refuse to marry gay people.

Another reason gay marriage should be recognized in all 50 states is several churches say that gays are “sinners” and it’s not fair to gays because they didn’t do anything wrong. This should not be happening because society has evolved, so religion should too. A lot of religions like Buddhism and Hinduism have adapted to this new way of thinking, so Christianity should too. The 14th amendment states equality for all. By rejecting gay and lesbian marriages and calling them “sinners” is not showing equality for all. My last reason is marrying gays and lesbians will have no negative impact on society at all. There is no reason not to marry gays and the only thing standing between them and marriage is religion.

According to 50% of husbands and wives get divorced because they want to marry a gay or lesbian, but churches refuse to marry them. If churches made the decision to marry gays or lesbians,less confusion would happen because people will know if they want to be gay, lesbian, or “straight”. People wouldn’t be forced to change who they like just because they can’t get married with the same sex. Everyone will have the option of getting marrying a person with the same sex, so they won’t be scared to express themselves as gay or lesbian and get married.

My last reason is that churches should see gays as equals in society, not by comparing them to other straights. This is not fair churches are rejecting gay marriage so society thinks it’s okay to look down on them. The truth is we are all equal people and this should not be happening. If churches keep continuing to reject gay marriage, more of society will keep learning to reject gays and lesbians.

I believe there should be a law that mandates that all churches should recognize gay marriage. If there was a law that was passed that made churches had to marry gays none of these reasons would happen. In conclusion, I believe we have to make a law that all churches should allow gay marriage.


Shreya, 7th grade student

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