Jonah D. Louisiana

Reduce Student Loans!

Student loan debt is forcing people to hold back on things like having children, and that's not good.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

 “A decent society wouldn’t push millions of students into debt; it would recognize that education isn’t mainly a personal investment, it’s a public good.” This quote, from politician Robert Reich, shows that students have been struggling with debt for a long time, and that’s a problem. Student loans are loans that are given out by the government to help pay for the student’s education. The problem is that most college students are not able to earn enough money to pay off the loans after they graduate. This is bad because it means the student can be in debt for many years. As our next president, I think you should find a way to reduce the debts owed by college students across the United States.

To start, you should lower the amount of money students have to pay back when they graduate. You need to do this because most college graduates never pay off their debts. The article “ LendingTree Study: Crippling Effects of Student Debt Extend Beyond Millennials” states, “ Payment towards student loan debt would take up approximately 11.3 % of the average millennial's net income each month.” This means that the debt takes up 11.3 % of their take home pay. For this reason,  people are afraid to do things like have children and save money for retirement. This isn’t good because these are things that make most people happy and are essential to living a decent life. The article “Students Need Great Advocate on Capitol Hill’’ proves this point by saying, “It’s preventing young people from starting businesses, saving retirement, having children…” when referring to student debt. This quote is important because it shows how debt affects people in their personal lives. The final reason that you, future president, should reduce the amount of loans  graduates have to pay back to the government, is that people can get sued for owing money to colleges. This is bad because most people aren’t able to earn enough money to pay back the amount they owe. The article “Here's What the Average American Owes After College” states, “...You might get sued for the amount you owe and end up on the hook not just for your debt, but for the cost of bringing a lawsuit against you. This is important because it isn’t fair that people have to pay fees for something they can’t control.In conclusion, getting the government to lower the amount of money students have to pay back is something you should consider.

As our next president, reducing student debt could help college graduates everywhere. Student debt can be found everywhere and that’s not good. As our next president, this is your chance to finally lower/stop the ever-increasing rate of students with college loan debts.


Jonah D.

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