Bree B. Nevada

Accepting Transgender People in the Restroom

Transgender people need to be able to use the restroom that they identify as. We need to be more mature and accepting of everyone.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

It should not be an issue for transgender people to use the restroom. They already have to deal with bigger issues than everyone else. Transgender people already have to struggle with day to day activities, so why is it that we can’t make them feel a little bit more accepted?

The problem is not people that are transgender, the problem is there are people that are too immature to accept people for who they are. Transgender people should be able to use the restroom that they identify themselves with. The issue is deeper than being able to use the correct restroom. People that are ignorant about transgenders make them feel like they don’t belong anywhere, even when they struggle with self acceptance. Family has a very big impact on the choices you make in your life, and if they don’t stand behind you it could cause various problems. In an HRC survey of 10,000 LGBT youth, only 27% reported having accepting families. I don’t think it is a coincidence that some people are not accepting of transgenders and that, “1 out of 2 transgender people attempt suicide by age 20.” There is absolutely no way you can say that is not a problem.

The other side of the argument suggests that transgenders should use the restroom that it says on their birth certificate. While there are good points made for this opinion, like if they haven’t fully transitioned then they technically still have the same body parts as it says on their birth certificate. It all comes down to how we would handle the situation. People would react differently seeing transgenders in either bathroom.

If a transgender male was in a female restroom, that would cause more problems and attention. Even though he was born a woman, that transgender male looks like a man and acts like a man, so he would be more accepted in the male restroom.

This country is so judgmental of others that are not exactly like us. “97% of transgender people have been mistreated at work because of their gender identity.” That statistic from is absolutly terrible.This country is making progress on this issue, but it is not enough. “Only 13 states protect transgender individuals from discrimination.” All that we can do is take it one step at a time and let transgenders use the restroom they identify as.


Bree Barnes


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