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Inequality in Regards to Wealth

Upper 1% controls 39% of United States' wealth.

 Dear President,

You, of all people in this country, know the state of the United States’ economy, which means you have probably noticed the same issue as I have. In recent years, the gap between the top 1 percent and the lower 99 has grown exponentially, to the point that the top 1 percent controls almost 40% of the nation's wealth. This gives the top 1 percent an unprecedented amount of control over the economy, which could be a huge issue, as you probably know. And, as you also probably know, issues on this scale need to be solved. The issue of a massive wealth gap has been present for a very long time, almost since the founding of the United States. Why not finally scratch one issue of the metaphorical list?

According to a Gallup poll, this gap was one of the top rated most important issues in the US. A lot of people are seeing this issue, and I am sure you have as well. This top 1% controlling such an immense amount of money, they have a huge effect on the economy, which could cause some more issues, on top of the gap. They could control the exchange rate, affect international trade, and evade taxation. Giving private corporations and their CEOs this level of control over the economy could cause some serious issues on top of the issues that are already present.

So, how could you fix this? The most logical answer would be to increase the tax levels for the upper echelon, making this top 1% give up more of their money in an effort to decrease this gap. The gap, while necessary to differentiate between the upper and middle class, can actually As president, you have a much larger influence over congress than us citizens, more specifically us middle class. The middle and lower classes are the only people that have protested this gap, and we have no ability to change it, which is another issue entirely. That is where you come in.

On top of taxation, an automatic income tax should be increased for anything past a certain monetary point. The richest people in the country continue to grow more and more wealthy, as the number of unemployed continues to grow, as well as the impoverished community. The wealth that this top 1 percent has gained allows them to have much more influence over national policies, including taxation, than the less-wealthy middle class. With an increase in taxation against this elite group of people, you can level out the US class hierarchy, something that hasn't happened since the creation of this country. The leveling of this hierarchy will actually be able to make the democracy in this country much more true to definition, with everyone having the same amount of influence over national policies.

So, President, what will you do? Will you take my advice? Will you aid the suffering lower class at the detriment of the rich? Or will you not take my advice, and continue to let the country be slave to the richest men and women in the country? How will you address such a large issue, by taking it out, or by letting it brew into a much larger issue? Its up to you, President, I just pray you make the right choice.


Taylor L.

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