Amayaflor H. Virginia

Black Lives Matter

We should all be treated equally whatever race we may be.

Dear Future President:

      I have some concerns brought to your attention about the conflicts in our society.  I believe in equality and that everyone in this world deserves to be treated fairly.  There has been conflicts due to "Black Lives Matter", and I would like to discuss this type of manner.

    The Fourteenth Amendment states that "all people in the United States shall not deny any person within it's jurisdiction."  Equal clause is for all lives no matter what race you are.  I do not understand how our country says one thing and then does another.  Yes, discrimination was a major conflict in the past but, it is now the twenty first century and things are a lot more different.

   Today racism is still an issue when it shouldn't be.  African Americans get treated differently because of the color of their skin.  How is that fair?  If this country has an Amendment of Equals, then why is there still a problem of whites disrespecting blacks because of their race. Our country would be more of a profound place if there was more respect.

   The First Amendment says that "freedom of speech gives citizens to express any opinions without censorship or restraint" so, why aren't the black lives being heard?  It becomes a hazard offense when black men get shot on the sidewalk in a white neighborhood. When I speak of "Black Lives Matter", I talk about ways in which black people have the disadvantage of basic human rights and dignity.  There comes a point in life where enough is enough.  Our society is shredding into pieces one by one.  The last thing we want as a whole is for this this country to corrupt.

   We should all come to a realization that what we do to people can affect society.  I feel that if this situation were to be fixes the United States of America would be a good place because, n the end all lives matter.

Smithfield High School

SHS AP Lang Blocks 1 & 2

Smithfield High School, AP Language and Composition, 11th grade

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