Tucker R. Wisconsin

Wealth and Income Inequality

How the the inequality of wealth and income is negatively affecting our economy and our people. #BringBackBernie

Dear Future President,

                                         you and congress need to address the problem widening wealth gap. Today in our country, the wealthiest are getting richer and richer, while 15 million families are in debt. According to a report by CBO, the distribution is wider than it's been since 1989. The richest 10% now hold 75% of the country´s wealth. The poorest 50% only hold 1% of our nation's wealth. And the gap is still growing. These billionaires and millionaires keep this money to themselves in offshore bank accounts, not paying their fair share of taxes. To put into money, the 10% has $4,000,000, and the average amount that everyone else has is $36,000.

                 In 2014 the 1% made 1/5 of the entire country's income. They make Americans feels that if they work hard and play their cards right, they can become rich. But they can't, they can't become rich, they can't win. There is no way these citizens can fulfill the "American Dream" if the 1% hold all of the money. You can't a win a game if the other players have all the pieces. Several politicians are helping the rich get richer. They do this by cutting taxes for them, giving them corporate welfare, and halting bills that would cause the rich to lose money.  According to some of the top economists in the country, they state that income inequality stop economic growth and ruin a country's economy.

                The rich pay these politicians money to do this as well as pay for their campaigns to get them elected/re-elected. The rich can also pay and control the media to influence over the people to give them a different view of society. Make them believe and fear things that they shouldn't. With less money to spend, the middle class and poor must take out loans to pay for college. This will make them less likely to college and go directly into the workforce and work for the rich for low pay. It'll also make them less likely to take out a loan to start their own business. Please, as a boy growing up in a middle class family that would like to go to college and get a good paying job, do something about the income inequality problem in our country.

                                                                                                                  Sincerely, Tucker Richards

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