Sarah F. Kentucky

Dear, Mr./Ms.President

I like to address some issues I feel are important. Mostly for the younger people since they will be taking over the generation of adults soon. I feel we should make everything equal. Right now there are many things that are not equal here in America that could be easily changed and some not so easily... Like women's pay. It is much lower than men's and that is not right. Why must women's pay be less when they do as much work as men? I feel this is an issue we must talk about and not sweep it under the rug like everything else when this is one of the easy things we could fix to make things equal. Another topic is black lives matters, this topic is harder to change (sadly) because there is a lot of racist people out there. Lucky most of the younger generation sees this as an issue and are standing up for black lives matter but the older generation is stubborn and not very equal (not all but some are don't get me wrong), but we should stand up and look more into this issue and give even more light to it and protect more black lives because they are clearly in danger. To even start, look closer into who you are hiring as a police officers and fire fighters. Investigate, the ones who are doing wrong instead of putting them on paid leave. Lastly the IGBT community are still targets for many. There should be more laws to project IGBT people because there are still IGBT people scared for their lives when they go out to a clubs or even hold hands in public. There should be an equal rights for people of different color, sexuality, and gender. Its wrong that this even has to be addressed but it has to be and the new generation is here to stand up for it and I hope you do too.

Love, Sarah Franklin