Ada M. Louisiana


My view on the immigration problem in America.

 Dear Mr./Mrs. President:

I would like to talk to you about our immigration policy. This is a tough issue in our country. Thousands of people want to come to America because of the opportunities we have. The question is who do we let in and how to get in legally?

I'm sure by now you have heard everyone talking about "The Wall", the actual tangible wall that would separate the United States and Mexico. Personally, I think that is a good idea. Illegal immigrants are taking American jobs. Unemployed Americans should be working instead of the immigrants. The illegal immigrants generally don't pay taxes. They send the money they make back to their families in other countries. The United States is also spending money on educating and providing healthcare to illegal immigrants and their children, which is putting us in debt.

This country was built on immigration, however, we need to make sure you are a citizen first. If you legally support this country (as a citizen) then we will support you. We need to deport illegal aliens, end sanctuary cities, and turn off the jobs and benefits magnet.

After looking at the National Debt clock, we need to focus on our own citizens before we open the doors to others. I hope you take these examples into consideration when you are making America Great Again.


Ada Morgan

Delta Charter School

DCS US History

Delta Charter School U.S. History classes

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