Harmony Wisconsin

Black lives matter movement

Why the black lives matter movement is important and should be recognized more.

Dear future president,

I think you should recognize the Black lives matter (BLM) movement more.

My reason for that is, since people of color (P.O.C.) already make up a small amount of the population, we should take more recognition towards the race that is being killed at the highest rate and try to decrease the amount of hate crimes against them.

Another reason is that there are so many people that are not open to learning or don’t think what goes on between the police system and people of color is wrong. I think people need to be more educated and by that, it will help lower the amount of racist actions.

Since white people make up 77% of the population and black people only make up 13%, out of the 512 cases of those killed by police officers, 47% are white people while 24% are people of color. With black people only being 13% of the population, P.O.C are being killed at a higher rate. Some people don’t recognize that and they aren’t willing to make a difference because it doesn’t affect them.

With making the black lives matter movement a little more of a priority, we could all be equal and give everyone the respect and equality they deserve. It will lower the amount of careless crimes against people of color and hopefully people will start to understand and recognize the great benefits of this movement.