Erica J. Oregon

Stop Racism

Dear Next President,

The next president need to stop the racism and police political because for example the kkk started to hate mexicans and blacks and all so they rise up the thing that they do and saying that “Go back to where you came from! This is our territory!” because they think that they're better than us and people are have the flag and those poster that say that you belong here. To be honest I’m proud to be a Latina because I love my culture! I don't care what people say about latinos, I don't care if our people are a different skin color. We are all humans and all lives matter.

People are getting beat up for one reason because they have different skins color . by the way black people are getting pull over and get shot for no reason and they just didn't tell them why they got pull over and when the passenger pull his license or something the white cop think they he was pulling but he hadn't no gun on him and just shoot him for reason . what did the latinos and the blacks did wrong ? probably they think all latinos and blacks are like bad people and they think they're like in a bad gang and most of them are not bad some of these people are like really a good person and for the latinos the are here because they want to have a better life for their future and just want things to be peace .

Racism need to stop because it not right to hate different skins color because we all humans. We all have rights to be who we are and where we from . cause it not right be races to each other . like donald trump is mean says mean things about latinos and children are listening what donald trump say about people are crossing and that he said that he will sent people that are illegal and send them where they came from and children are scared because they have parents that legal and family too and they don't want to leave and those latinos came here for chance to live in peace. Stop racism. 

Jefferson HS

Jefferson HS Students

10th,11th, and 12th grade students at Jefferson HS in Portland Oregon.

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