Sabreeah Pennsylvania

Police Brutality

Letter to the president based upon police brutality.

 September 26,2016

 Dear Mr. President

   Imagine if you had a life or death but did not want to your pride. Seems like an impossible choice, because obviously, you would want to do both while still having your pride. But how is this possible to do so, when innocent black lives specifically men are being harassed by police brutality, and killed. You want to defend yourself but once you do your taken as a threat then you end up dead or alive without your pride.

  Now with the rise of police taking advantage of the people who they are supposed to serve and protect, families are left frightened not only for their own lives but their families lives as well. This issued must be addressed in the next few months so that African Americans and prosper and thrive in their community. The rate of which an innocent person is killed goes up by 7 hours a day, but yet there is no justice still to come for these people family nor is there any discipline for the police taking these lives. Police are indicted for 1% of killings, but the indictment rate for citizens of the U.S is 90%. Only a small fraction of 17,000 law enforcement agencies track misconduct reports.

   Any and all can be affected by police brutality, especially the loved ones are strongly impacted by what can or already has occurred to a love one of theres. Not having the feeling of safety and knowing that the one who is supposed to protect and serve you, can also be the one who can neglect and control you is frightening. That is why this is such an important issue in America. Men who are brothers, fathers, uncles, sons… Are affected mainly as well as all America is which is sad to see when a black man life is taken from for no reason, maybe a misunderstanding better yet just because a Caucasian man with a gold or silver badge thinks they overrule Black Americans and can take their lives away.  

  Some police may have been accountable for past mistakes and may be put on a timeout, some may lose their jobs permanently and some may be obligated to wear small devices on them which can record what is occurring. In addition to stop police brutality for good, the police who make these horrible decisions should also be held accountable as any other felon or person would be and should do time in prison. Dear Next President, I would greatly appreciate please hear the cries of mothers, sisters, daughters.. Who has lost a son, husband, brother, uncle whoever it may be due to police brutality. Create a law that restricts police to pull out a weapon when it's unnecessary rather than flaunting it to scare whoever they are encountered with.

                                                                                                                        Sincerely, Sabreeah Spearman