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Origin of Racism

Where does Racism come from? How can we fix it?

Dear Future President,

I would first like to congratulate you on your successful election. I am hoping that in the next few years you will be able help make America a better country. In order to do this I believe that you have to be able to understand the many problems that America is facing at the moment. One of the many social problems that is widely discussed and argued about is racism. When I was growing up, color did not mean anything to me. A person was person. However, as I grew up I started to become more observant in a number of the things including stereotypes. As I look back, I have come to the conclusion that how I view African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanic people, etc. was not the way I used to view them when I was a kid. I realized that my thoughts had been influenced by stereotypes before my mind could even make decisions on it’s own. In a perspective article called, “Racism Today” Harris Bostic says, “In the middle is where many of us regularly experience racism-with the implicit biases that have been passed down.” I agree very strongly with this and think that the root of racism lies within the stereotypes that kids learn when they are very young.

Another problem with racism that I have noticed is that society makes it hard for people to fight against their stereotypes. For example, in 2014, the median household income for whites was $73,300 and for blacks it was $43,300 (CNN Money). There are probably many reasons why this is possible however, I believe that a large cause of this is due to factors that are easily influenced by stereotypes. One way to stop this in the future is by exposing kids to all kinds of people at a young age. This might help stop kids from classifying and viewing other people differently simply because of race. I also know that racism goes beyond the colors of black and white. Racism is a constant problem between many races and we need to realize that we should treat people how we would want to be treated. I know that you are not capable of ending racism but I know you are capable of fighting it. There are so many parts of it that can develop from the moment a kid can understand a language and it is our responsibility to show them what is right; all people should be created and treated equal.



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