Mack Zay Oregon

Blacks getting smoked

Innocent blacks getting killed by police.

Dear Future President, if you’re reading this i have a few things to bring to your attention. It’s a lot of stuff this nation doesn’t take notice in. That’s why i’m here to talk to you about all of the african-americans getting killed by the police. According to the police have killed at least 194 african-americans. It’s not okay and it needs to stop

A lot of the people that were killed were also innocent. For example, Alton Sterling an innocent man was killed by the police because they responded to a call saying he had a handgun. No handgun and he was wrestled to the ground and shot multiple times. All he was doing was trying to make some money for his family. He was a married man with 5 children. That’s just one but there is so many more.

A bigger name you probably heard of is Michael Brown was also an innocent African-American who was also smoked by the police. He was an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed on Aug. 9, 2014, by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, in Ferguson, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis. That started a lot of stuff protest, riots, and more killings.

These past years have been wild ever since Trayvon Martin was killed. That’s what really triggered everything. Like all these movements and other stuff. He was just killed by a local civilian. Who wanted to be a cop. Versus other people getting killed by police.

All these killings are really getting out of hand. Everybody is going crazy, like everyone. Honestly I’m scared for my life. I just always think I’m going to be the next innocent black male to lose my life.

All the innocent men being murdered is not okay and it’s causing many other problems. I would go crazy if I were to lose one of my cousins, brothers, uncles, or loved ones. I can only imagine the pain all their families went through. So as you being the president I want you to do all you can to put an end to this.