Samantha Oregon

Safety on College campuses

Why safety on college campuses is important and how many are effected.

To the next President,

Many students are attending college or are encouraged to, making more students on campus. As you probably know, many colleges have parties where the consumption of illegal substances or underage drinking is taking place, which is a big factor in sexual violence on campus. Not all sexual victim assaults take place at a party, but most do. The victims are usually female students. According to CNN News, 23% of female students have said they experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact, from kissing and touching to rape carried out by force or threatening of force, or while they were incapacitated because of alcohol and drugs.

Sexual violence is aimed more at females in general, and when it occurs, the female is questioned as if it were her fault. Sometimes investigators or police ask a traumatized victim, “What were you wearing?”, “How much were you drinking?” or “Why were you going to this party?” How in any way is that okay for a professional to do that, as if the victim had not already thought of ways for it to not have been rape or sexual assault?

For example, Brock Turner, a student at Stanford University was found thrusting himself into an unconscious woman on the ground behind a dumpster. The victim was asked way too many questions as if it were completely her fault. Brock Turner was thankfully found guilty and should have served 14 years in prison, but it soon turned to only 6 months in county jail. “Those convictions alone should send him to prison,” said Steve Cooley, Los Angeles former district attorney. “It’s an extraordinary sentence. He’ll spend just a couple months in the county jail after being convicted on three sexual assault charges.” This case was totally unfair and should not have given the perpetrator anything less. This is only one case that went viral. Sadly, there are plenty more.

So, I am trying to say, future president, that yes, there will be college students living the “college lifestyle,” but I think it is one of your many responsibilities to find a way, or for us as a whole to find a way, to reduce these statistics. Not only that, but to keep students safer in general. By getting more security, or placing stricter rules. Looking at the statistics, and assuming most of those people have parents and when they went to send their child off to college they didn’t expect to have their child come to them, and hear as a parent that something like, they were sexually assaulted or raped occurred to them or even someone they are close with is hard to cope with, let's find a way to have parents or students not have to deal with that.