Sebastian J. Pennsylvania

Police Brutality

This letter is about The police brutality towards African Americans and Latinos.

Dear Future President,

My name is Sebastian Jimenez, I am a Junior at Olney Charter High School in Philadelphia, PA and I am writing this letter to you because it concerns me that with all of the police Brutality going on there are hardly any changes being done. 

Police Brtality has been happening more and more over the past years. Police officers are just like normal people and they should not have that much power. "Excessive force reports made up more than 23 percent of all police misconduct reports in 2010", (Cato Institute's National Police Misconduct Reporting Project). This shows how the police takes advantage of their power when dealing with people. Also, "Black people were about 4 times as likely to die in custody or while being arrested by whites" ( This means that racism has alot to do with Police Brutality. Those are only some of the tens and tens of police Brutality facts.

This problem in the United States has cause alot of tension and many people are afraid of cops. Police should not be able to hurt someone severely if they were unarmed or doing anything wrong. Police Officers  have the same rights as us, and just ny being the "Authority" it does not give them the right to treat us differently and hurt us because we are Black or Latino. Cops these days are getting away with many obvious cases that are clearly not fair for all of those people. 

What we want from you our Future President is that you atleast try to make a change. I know that changes do not happen overnight but this topic should not be ignored because it is only getting worse. Soon thousands of Police Officers will be murder innocent people and get away with it. These inncoent people are loosing all of their chances and opportunities in life and leaving behind all of those families that suffer so much. White people would like to be trated differently because of their race just like African Americans and Latinos should. Statistics show that most of the Police Brutality majorly happens to Black people and some Latino people. You as the President should take in mind that many of us Teens do care for the people and need problems like this to stop.

Sincerely, Sebastian Jimenez