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Who's at Fault in the BLM Issue?

Are the cops the real problem in the Black Lives Matter issue or is the black community also at fault?

Dear Future President,

“What I see with Baltimore, Ferguson and other mass protests is what has been given birth is the Black Lives Matter movement. My insight on that is the black lives do matter but it must matter to black people first. If it doesn’t matter to black people, why should it matter to anyone else? Also, police lives matter. We have to maintain law and order. Without the presence of the police, we would be lost. We would destroy ourselves without them. So I definitely see a value in them. But we need to clean up both the communities and the police force." Arthur Reed aka. Silky Slim an Ex Gang-Leader.

Black Lives Matter is a major issue in our country that we as a society need to deal with and resolve as it stains the reputation of our police force to whom as a nation we look towards for protection. While some activists have good intentions not all of them are displayed. In order to fully address and help the Black Lives Matter movement they first must fix their wrongs so we can fix our wrongs in our society. I myself as a part of the hispanic/latino and LGBTQ community in our country know all about inequality in our society towards minorities and in order for the government to address our rights as citizens of the United States there needs to be peace in our protests as peace has given our society gay marriage and equal rights for women and those of color.

Destructive Black Lives Matter protests do more harm then they are intended to as when activists become violent they accomplish nothing for the movement and will only cause controversy in the eye of the public. In St.Paul, Minnesota a protest over Philando Castille a motorist killed by a police officer which started out in peace soon turned violent and led to the arrest of 50 protesters and rioting charges against 46 as deemed by the city. What was at first meant to raise awareness for the injustice of colored individuals turned violent once bricks and fireworks were aimed towards the police and later led to more negative opinions being created about the movement and those involved in it. There is also the killing of five police officer during a march in Dallas, Texas that needs to be taken into account to show the violence that can occur in these protests so the Black Lives Matter can learn and work on their protests in order to maintain a better public image. If the violence that occurs at protests isn’t severely dealt with, our government and law enforcement will not deal with their requests. Violence ultimately solves nothing and will only harm the cause that the Black Lives Matter movement was started upon.

Another vital key of information taken into consideration should include not only just the wrongs of the police force but those of the victim as well. Some of the victims that the Black Lives matter has taken into account aren’t that innocent and their faults need be accounted for in order for not just the police force to improve but the community just as Silky Slim (quoted above) states. Arthur Reed(Silky Slim ex Gang Leader) who after living for 22 years in gangs started a non profit organization to stop street violence called Stop The Killing Inc in order to help the troubled black youth in our society in order to help partially extinguish the flames of this matter. The recent killing of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina illustrates the claim that the victim is also libel and should be held partially at fault for the incident not just the police force. According to the releasement by the city the police shot Mr.Scott as they perceived him as a threat to their safety as he according to the two officers had a gun and wouldn’t drop the weapon even when they warned him. While a gun with Mr. Scott’s fingerprints was recovered at the scene the police and Mr.Scott were both at fault not just the Mr. Scott as the officers could have executed a more reasonable solution to detain Mr. Scott. In order to solve a problem the actions of all those involved needs to be taken into account as Mr. Scott wasn’t as innocent as seem activists deem him to be and the police could have done more rather than just shot the Scott.

Now some may say that the violent protest help raise awareness for the the Black Lives Matter cause and ultimately help the cause and that the police are at fault due to their prejudice to people of color. While violent protests due bring awareness to their cause it ultimately causes controversy and a negative opinion about the activists involved in the Black Lives Matter movement. This will only lead to less being done about the injustice that the activists believe reoccurs in society and controversy about the movement and their motives will stir in they eye of the media and the public leading to their hopes for change being demolished. Many will than later believe that the protests as well as the activist in move in the Black Lives Matter cause only do damage and have no real agenda then just to cause harm and call out white people for their mistakes and the public eye will only follow this belief if peace isn’t taken into precaution. In some cases the police may have a bias or prejudice to people of color but this doesn’t constantly recur as in somes cases the action of police aren’t out of prejudice to people of color but to the safety of the citizens of the city and their own safety. The law enforcement’s goal and job in our society is to protect and keep the citizens in our cities safe, they are not hear to kill innocent members of the community.

So I plead to you Mr. or Mrs. President to take this into consideration and to finally put to issue to rest. I not only speak as member of the hispanic and LGBTQ community I speak to you as the future of our nation as my generation will inherit the world you give us. Once the issue of Black Lives Matter is finally resolved to make appease both parties in this matter my generation who will be responsible for the future of other generations can resolve our issues in not only peace but in justice in which this issue needs to be resolved in. So Mr or Mrs. President I hope you take this issue to the highest regards and are able to have both the Black Lives Matter movement and our law enforcement sit down so they can establish a compromise that will be mutually beneficial not just to one but to both parties in order to protect the reputation of our law enforcement but also that of the members involved in this cause. 


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