Solomon C. Oregon

Black Lives Matter

my letter is about how blacks are untreated in america and things need to change.

I think the Black Lives Matter issue is a big thing going on in the society. The way blacks are being treated in our society today is unfair and it also makes it unsafe for some. Blacks are being targeted by police in many cases they are being gunned down out in the middle of the street even when the incident is recorded and the officer is in the wrong nothing's done. Now we protest and they want to get rid of our protesting. In the article from CNN it says “It's much more than each individual death of an African-American man or woman it is about what it means to be black in America.” I think what most people fail to understand is that black lives matter is not saying they're any better than any other but our lives need to be focused so we can expose how black are being treated in America. To the people protesting saying “All Lives Matter” yes they do but we have to focus on the black lives because they are clearly being mistreated and targeted by the law enforcement.

What needs to be done in my opinion is that people need to realize what’s going on and do things to change what is going in America. Making lives better for blacks can just be not targeting us making people realize that blacks really are being discriminated against in our society. I hope that the next president will do whatever it takes to be able to make a change in the society and helping the Black Lives Matter protest. In the article from “Huffington Post” it says “U.S. have killed at least 194 black people in the year of 2016.” Thats a lot of african americans killed in a year that is not even over it. When the officers are gunning down blacks they continue to get away with it they use the same line “I feared for my life.” it works everytime. In many cases just like Eric Garner the police officer who choked the man to death while he was yelling “I CAN'T BREATHE” was let off not in jail.

These are the reasons blacks get angry when there is no consequence when someone brutally murders a innocent man or woman. This is also the reason we protest because we believe heavily that this is very unfair and injustice. All in all I believe what goes in America is not right and there has to be change because obviously there hasn’t been one yet and everything that is going on is only getting worse and worse.


Solomon Campbell