kimberly m. Oregon


We need to stop poverty.

Dear Next President:

I think the most important issue is poverty in the U.S. We are the richest country and so many states are in poverty, for example Oregon. This state has children and communities of color that are more likely to live in poverty because of their race. In 2014, 21.1 percent of Oregon children lived in poverty, and one in five children lived in a household without the resources needed to live happy and healthy. This happens to many families with parents that don't have a good job to support their families. According to the Oregon Center for Public Policy (OCPP) in 2014, a family of three had to earn less than $ 18,850 and a family of four had to earn less than $24,230, about $2,000 a month, to officially live in poverty. So many don't make that much and have more members in their family. This is why we need to stop poverty.

From Kimberly