Kade B. Oregon

Mr President

Mr President,

The population of Texas is around 27 million people. More than 180,000 of these people are illegal immigrants, the majority being from Mexico. These immigrants suck up the resources and tax dollars of the U.S. citizen.It is not fair to have someone come to our country illegally and expect us to pay for them to live here. Illegal immigrants may come to the U.S. to have a better life, but they are doing so in the wrong way and need to be stopped.

We have government systems for U.S. citizens that help better their daily lives. This is not for illegal immigrants, but they too receive it.This includes public schooling, fire departments, and police departments. A report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform stated that in 2013 Texans paid 12.1 billion in tax dollars for illegal immigrants through public departments. While, on the other hand, illegal immigrants paid an estimated 1.27 billion dollars per year in taxes.This does not make sense to me. Maybe you can help me understand why we do this a little better because I thought this was the land of the free not the land where you can live for free. The immigrants may be coming to America for a better life but they should do it the right way.

Many of the people coming to the United States illegally are not what you would call good people. B. Lindsay Lowell, Director of Policy Studies at the Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University, in an immigration panel discussion said that, “17%, according to best estimate, of those in federal prisons are illegal aliens.” Pew Research Center has written that illegal immigrants account for 3.5% of the U.S. population. How does three percent of a population take up 17% of the room in our federal prisons, especially if they aren't even supposed to be here? What do Reinol Vergara, Edson Benitez, Mauricio Morales-Caceres, and Jorge Enrique all have in common? They were all here illegally, gang members, and killed at least one person in the U.S. To be more straightforward, many of these immigrants aren't the type of people we want in our country, and we are letting them walk right in without documentation.

These immigrants came to America for a better life. There is a right way and a wrong way to do that. We shouldn't allow them to walk all over us. We should pay paying taxes to help ourselves not them.