Bach V. California

Bullying is for LOSERS

Use your WORDS, not FISTS

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter for you today to explain about how bullying happens everywhere in our society, especially at school. As you already know bullying is a common problem that can occur anywhere people are, mostly in schools and among young people. Bullying never has its own limitation. Once it happens, it will happen forever in the future. Some teenagers who are victims of bullying have committed suicide. They are being kicked, teased, harassed, etc. by other people and it makes them feel very depressed that will cause them wanting to harm themselves to dead. It is because they do not feel belong to the society and they do not have any chance to say a word. Additionally, bullying also happens in the family. It can involve nit-picking, put-downs, criticism, etc. It happens to a person fights against his/her siblings or even parents because no one understands for him/her. Overall, bullying cannot happen in this world anymore. People may have different thinking about others, but they have to accept it. Understanding and accepting people are not hard, it is just how others feel about those differences. I hope bullying will not exist anymore because we are all the same kind as human beings. 


Bach V.