Charlez D. Oregon

The end of Police brutality

"Nobody can give you freedom.Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything.If you're a man, you take it ~ Malcolm X

Dear future president:

According to the past debates I have watched of you guys i haven't heard too much about police brutality and my reason being is because while you two are debating there are still police out in the world steady hurting and killing us black people.The reason why i am addressing this to you is because i am a black African American at Jefferson High School i am 15 years old and when i’m out and about i’m basically in danger because i can’t trust any police officers the way they judge a young black male.

For example (According to the article The New York Times) Deborah Donner was killed by a New York police sergeant on Tuesday in her Bronx apartment. Neighbors had called 911, saying she was acting erratically. A team of officers arrived and, according to the police account, found an agitated Ms. Donner brandishing first a pair of scissors, and then a baseball bat. She took a swing at the sergeant, who shot her twice.When i hear about things like this i always think about what the president has to say about the horrible things that are going on in America and what can the president can and will do to change this?,Because if no one steps up and speaks on police brutality it will continue.

The things that are happening in the world like this are terrible and someone needs to step up and let the police know that other people have lives and they matter not just theirs and they need to think about what is going to happen to the people in their families and what kind of impact that horrible deaths like this are going to put in someone's live.And when i mention this i hope that you have read and understood my letter and i hope this will trigger something that will let you know what is going on in the heads of us African American male and women out in the world.  Also Another example is when i read an article and it stated that Recent events of police violence have spurred often highly charged protests, including those linked to activist group #BLM on Twitter, and riots in Baltimore. However, it's difficult to digest the true impact of police brutality without hard data. The federal government has no complete tracking or record system of how many civilians are killed by the police. Instead, the FBI runs a voluntary program that law enforcement organizations can choose to report to. 

Jefferson HS

Jefferson HS Students

10th,11th, and 12th grade students at Jefferson HS in Portland Oregon.

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