Dawit Ferede Oregon


How we can prevent terrorism, why you should be more aware of it.

Dear Future President,

What are you planning to do to stop the terrorist organization from doing something violent or destructive? Terrorism is a main issue in the United States Of America, I have seen a lot of things happen like the Boston marathon bombings, 9/11, San Bernardino shooting and etc. ISIL is a deadly organization threatened the United States. 9/11/01, a tragic day for Americans, the group that made the event possible was Al Qaeda. There people in the US that feel unsafe because of these threats.

These terrorist organization have strategies, we don’t know there strategies. Omar Mateen, a 29 year old security guard killed 49 people and wounded 53 people according to wikipedia. He pledge allegiance to ISIL, imagine if he still was alive, he probably would have went all the way to the headquarters get his gear and do violent things, kill people, cut people's heads off and other things. I think there needs to be protection and I feel like the president of the United States could have done more to fight against these dangerous organizations. A lot of people have pledge allegiance to ISIL in america, In San Bernardino, there was shooting were two people ended up gunning down 14 people. The shooters names are Syed Rizwan Farook, Tashfeen Malik. It’s not only muslims committing an act of terrorism, Cheri Laverne Dalton is african american and she is from new york and she is wanted for involvement in the brinks armored car robbery.

Future President, are you going to prepared if act of terrorism ends up happening on United States soil? People’s minds change, their views can be good, to violent and it can be absurd. I think a act of terrorism has grown drastically in America, I think our security needs to improve to where terrorist acts should not even occur. There’s ways to where we can prevent from happening, The FBI six main ways that can prevent the act of terrorism are, 1. Surveillance, has a recording of what happened, 2. Suspicious Questioning, inquire information, by phone, email, workplace and etc. 3. Tests Of Security, attempting to penetrate or test physical security. 4. Acquiring Supplies, to obtain explosive, weapons, ammunition, hazardous chemicals and uniforms. 4. Suspicious Persons, if a person doesn’t appear to be in the right place. 5. Dry Runs, observing any behavior that might be a preparation for an act of terrorism like mapping out routes, playing out scenario with another person, monitoring facilities/events. 6. Deploying Assets, See abandon vehicles, stockpiling of suspicious of materials and etc. I think fbi.gov, has a lot of information on terrorism and how it can be prevented and it’s something I would look into if I was a president.

Will you make change in this country or will you be a president that just comes and goes and makes it worse? I honestly think you should focus on this future president, because an act of terrorism can happen any day now and it can be the worst day ever in the United States. You need to stop these terrorist organization because their is a lot of Americans that fear these dangerous organization. Sometimes it’s a controversial topic but I don’t really hear about as much. It is a topic that needs to be discussed more often. If you don’t make change, you going to mess up as a president and you will probably ruin every life. The entire country is counting on you to make this a safe place and a better place.