Nate S. Washington

Please Don't Ruin America

Whether you're Republican or Democratic, pro wall, anti wall, I just ask that you please don't ruin this country we live in. If you just left everything as is, that'd be fine. You can leave it for another president another day to deal with. Just please don't do anything stupid. Please.

Dear next president,

The debates are here, November is coming, and instead of everyone being excited for a chance to vote, everyone is panicking. Not the usual panicking during the debates and nervousness, actual panicking. Panicking for a good reason, too. Based on the acts of our candidates this year, it's hard to believe that the end isn't near. No, seriously. You could put us in a nuclear war with Russia. You could piss off China. Countries could take advantage of us because you’re simply not emotionally stable. To be honest, a lot of people don’t think any of the candidates are 100% there. How can we be sure your views side with the nation and not with your personal interests when all evidence points to you doing anything to save your own reputation?

The evidence says, well, no. No candidate seems very trustworthy.

This is a simple message. Don’t change anything. The system isn’t good, but you probably don’t have any solutions.

America can wait another 4 years.

The Community School

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