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Immigration In the United States

Is a physical wall really required to control immigration?

 Dear Future President,

Immigration has become a huge issue in the United States, and it has increased in popularity ever since Donald Trump’s idea of a wall. The proposed wall would separate The United States and Mexico, aiming to gain a tighter control on illegal immigrants. Immigration has been topic over that has has been greatly growing over the past decade, especially since its rates have been rising, and it has now become an issue crucial to this election.

It’s not fair to deport people who have not committed any crimes. According to Archbishop José H. Gomez, of CNN, “More than 2 million people have been deported in the last eight years alone. The overwhelming majority are not criminals.” If the process to become a U.S. citizen was easier, then there would be no need to deport as many people. Of course the criminals should not be welcome in our country, but the immigrants from Mexico that benefit our economy and help the workforce should be given an opportunity to reside in the U.S.

     Obama has created programs that have positively controlled immigration, and Secretary Hillary Clinton will be able to improve on them. In the United States, “Most of the 11 million undocumented people… have been here for five years or more” (Gomez). The programs that Obama created, DACA and DAPA, greatly influence the immigrants in this country. “The DAPA and DACA programs together would    provide immediate relief and peace of mind, no matter how temporary, to up to 5.2 million of these people” (Gomez). This shows that there is a way to positively influence the immigrants in our country without the need to build a physical wall between us and Mexico.

Thank you,

Sid Kavuturu

Gomez, José H. "The Moral Urgency of Immigration Reform." CNN. Cable News Network, 27 Jan. 2016.       Web. 02 Nov. 2016.

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